Friday, March 26, 2010

For the record

That's three posts in a week and a half. Not bad for being so bad at this, huh. Now I just want to share a few great photos since that's what I'm good at.

St. PattyDaddy
Our St. Patrick's Day Party. My handsome character.

So Precious!

Jeremy was catching the water dripping from the building. Let me just say, GROSS, but that's what Jason takes pictures of.

I love this one!!!!!

Snow caves at Grandma's today. The kids has a blast. We believe in making Memories not messes, but let me tell you did I have a mucky memory to clean up.


Seleta said...

I Love the updates! So fun to see your family! I can't believe Autum's hair! Amazing! WOW you have such beautiful kids! It brings back so many memories to see Jason in silly faces :) HOpe you are well!

CaliforniaCoxs said...

Jason cracks me up! You do your little girls hair so cute! You need to teach me how, guess we better get together!