Friday, March 26, 2010

For the record

That's three posts in a week and a half. Not bad for being so bad at this, huh. Now I just want to share a few great photos since that's what I'm good at.

St. PattyDaddy
Our St. Patrick's Day Party. My handsome character.

So Precious!

Jeremy was catching the water dripping from the building. Let me just say, GROSS, but that's what Jason takes pictures of.

I love this one!!!!!

Snow caves at Grandma's today. The kids has a blast. We believe in making Memories not messes, but let me tell you did I have a mucky memory to clean up.

Locks of Love

It has taken a year to make this decision, but through talking with Autumn we decided to donate her hair. Her hair was to her waist when wet so you can imagine how difficult that was to wash, especially for poor Jason. Truthfully there were days when I was dreading doing Autumn's hair simply because there was so much of it. She has beautiful, thick hair so we knew a child who needed it would be very grateful. What an experience that was!! I dropped Jeremy and Eliza off with my mom and off Autumn and I went for girl time. The salon was wonderful! She had her little cup of water sitting in the waiting area so patiently. She was actually a bit nervous, but you wouldn't have guessed. She loved the chair ride! They pulled it back in a ponytail, braided it and cut it above the elastic. I can't even explain how horrible that was to watch. I almost cried. Autumn loved it! You should have seen some of the responses we got from others in the salon. Having her hair rinsed out was a bit tricky since those chairs are only built for adults, then back in the fun chair she went grinning from ear to ear. The nice gal blow dried and curled Autumns hair. Watching my baby girl sitting so tall in that chair was like watching her grow up right before my eyes. I almost cried again. Autumn on the other had was elated! She talked about the experience the whole way home and couldn't wait to show her Daddy. She was just beaming and kept flipping her hair back and forth to feel it on her face. Of course now I can't keep her hands out of her hair. She loves having it down and in her face. So sassy! What fun it was and I think something we will all, especially Autumn look back on with sweet memories. She's a hoot to watch now. Even today in the snow, I couldn't get her to keep her hat on.



Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Good times!!

We had a great visit from Jason's parents last week. What a neat experience to see Dave ordain Jason to the office of High Priest. This whole adventure has been humbling. I was reassured by the spirit when Jason was called to the Bishopric that we would be blessed and after the two weeks we have had I know that to be true. The Lord doesn't waste time in lending a hand or in this case patience and understanding for me and courage and a "get busy" attitude for Jason. We haven't hardly seen Jason much since his new calling, but it's comforting knowing that he's helping others. Although a sudden business trip has added to his absence I hold to hope that things will calm down soon.
Grandma and Grandpa pleasantly spoiled the children while they were here including Build A Bear Workshop, sweets and treats, eating out, lots of coloring and puzzles and most of all their love and affection. I think the kids would plan out Grandma and Grandpa's next visit in August for Jeremy's baptism if I let them.
I think it was an adventure for Dave and Carol to be here in the winter, a first for them. The season dumped about a foot and a half of snow two days before they got here so it WAS beautiful! They graciously reminded me how pretty it was when I would complain about the winter, bundling children and trudging through. I needed that reminder! Humility.
So a visit to the Alaska Wildberry Factory is a must when Dave and Carol come to town. Let me just say, YUMMY! A must for any visitor to Alaska. While there Dave and Carol not only enjoyed the chocolates and souvenirs, but the music playing as well. They knew this would end up on someone's blog. I should send it to Amanda so more would see Dave and Carol dancing, yep, take a look. ;o) What a great time, that's what life is all about or at least that's what it should be if we would just stop rushing and enjoy.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Tried

So much for my vow huh? It's just an occasional thing for me. I keep so busy already in record keeping with writing in four journals, four photo albums, and family history. I never really know what to share and if anyone really checks our blog, however, the boys just got home from the Museum where they attended the Star Wars exhibit. They had a wonderful time although I think Jason would have stayed much longer if Jeremy wasn't saying, "Can we go now?"

Monday, June 1, 2009

Jeremy riding

I'm trying another video! Here goes nothin'!
Check out Jeremy riding his bike!

A New Vow

With the new season, Jason and I have vowed to get the kids out more and see more of the beauty that's all around us. Alaska is very beautiful! So to kick off our new vow we took the kids out on Memorial Day. We didn't go far, but that wasn't the point. Our day started with taking the kids outside where they planted the flowers they had chosen. Kids love to get dirty! Autumn is very much a girly girl, but man oh man can this kid get dirty. Scary. Jeremy loved talking about his SnapDragon plant. One week later they were blooming today and look beautiful. We are very proud of our few surviving plants. After flowers and a lot of encouragement and yes, we even stooped all the way to bribery, Jeremy learned to ride this bike!! We tried so much last summer, but his fear of falling got the best of him. So I told him we'd take him for ice cream at McDonald's if he robe his bike around the street without help. Jason and I thought it would take an hour of effort, but within five minutes Jeremy got on that bike and took off. We are so proud of him!!!

After some fun bike riding we took the kids for a wonderful picnic, play at a park and off for a nature hike. Jason and I had a wonderful time, but the kids didn't seem very happy in the photo taken by a passerby. We really all had a great time! What a great day that was!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It worked!

I'm impressed. Now family and friends can see how Eliza has grown and see this spunky personality. I really don't know where she gets this from. ;o)